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Julia Roberts: Not Getting Plastic Surgery In Hollywood Is A "big Risk"

(Though from the outraged reaction to changes in Zellwegers face and accusations that she got drastic plastic surgery, its just as risky to moved here look too young.) The 47-year old mother of three said that when shes not on set, she rarely worries about how she looks. Mornings are a high-humor scene. You just have to make sure everyone looks and smells clean. Thats all that matters. If I actually manage to get my teeth brushed and lip balm on, Im good. She also notes that her success as a movie star means she doesnt have to worry about some of the things other working moms have to deal with. I often think about the reality of my life versus a mother who, say, lives in Kansas City and is struggling to pick up the kids when she gets off work, or who doesnt get to choose not to go to work because she wants to stay at home with the kids. Those mothers are my kim kardashian store real-life heroes, and they include my girlfriends, who do this with joy and grace http://jospehsqec.wallinside.com and with full-time jobs.
Source: http://time.com/3545860/julia-roberts-in-hollywood-not-getting-plastic-surgery-is-a-big-risk/

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