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Hollywood Posters, A Colfax Avenue Fixture, Is Closing After 35 Years - The Denver Post

A poster promoting "The Big Sleep" rests against a wall as John Caruso, owner of Hollywood Posters works at his shop in Denver on Thursday. Caruso sells posters online, too. But his Hollywood Posters store is still a museum of movie art. The inventory of 15,000 posters, along with assorted buttons, cassettes, DVDs and action figures, clogs the tiny space, spilling into the aisles and making navigation tricky. Posters were never something that Caruso, a Boston native, envisioned selling when he moved to Denver in 1973 and opened his first bookstore to learn more at 326 E. Colfax Ave. the current site of Hollywood Posters. ("My current landlord is the grandson of my first landlord," he said.) It was a labor http://charleengil.livejournal.com of love, so much so that Caruso slept in the back of the store at night. That changed when Art Greer, the owner of Denver's popular downtown newsstand Jerry's News , walked in one day in 1974 and offered him a cut of his business.
Source: http://www.denverpost.com/entertainment/ci_27607816/hollywood-posters-colfax-avenue-fixture-is-closing-after?source=rss

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